Leveraging our 26-year track record as a best-in-breed, value-oriented real estate investor and operator – and our highly successful non-real estate investment history – Fifteen Group has in 2017 committed additional resources to expanding its private equity platform in order to take a more prominent role in financing, developing and growing companies. Our value-driven approach and wealth of entrepreneurial experience often leads us to see opportunity where others do not. We work with management teams to create long term value through organic and inorganic strategies, supported by a flexible capital base.

  • We have a 26-year track record of maximizing value as a highly respected, best-in-breed investor.
  • We have an entrepreneurial spirit that enables us to identify opportunities not apparent to others, as well as create additional value in our investments though constructive, tactile guidance of management teams.
  • We have investment experience in real estate, real estate services, telecommunications, cloud applications, education technology, e-government solutions, advertising technology, medical devices, materials sciences, mobile business and other sectors.
  • We invest our principals’ own capital, with no institutional mandates or pre-determined timelines, which provides flexibility in structure and the ability to move quickly and efficiently without obstacles.
  • We benefit from an industry network cultivated by senior management for many decades, including a broad range of blue chip partners, bankers, lenders and professionals.
  • We are geographically focused with offices in Miami and Los Angeles, providing “boots on the ground” expertise in our target markets – South Florida and Southern California.

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Ian Sanders
Founder & Principal

Areas of Interest

  • Real Estate Services & Technology
  • Natural Resources (Excluding Mining)
  • Water Rights & Utilities
  • Agriculture Services & Sciences
  • Food & Beverage
  • Cannabis

Investment Criteria

  • Differentiated business model
  • Demonstrable growth plan
  • Geography: FL, CA, CO, TX, UT, NYC,
    Washington DC & Chicago
  • Revenue: $1 – $50 million
  • EBITDA: $0 – $10 million
  • Equity Check Size: $1 – $10 million
  • Majority or Minority, Public or Private

We will also consider opportunistic
investments of any size and scope in real
estate operating companies and REITs.

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